What would your work be like if you let go of who you think you should be and let who you are emerge?

Through coaching conversations with Marceta you gain insight about your individual, innate strengths and develop confidence to become an extraordinary leader, based on who you are…not who someone thinks you should be.

Are you ready to experience the difference that coaching can make in your work and your life? Everything you need in order to begin is available through this website.

Marceta Reilly
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What Matters Most?

When people really understand their core values, their purpose in life, their strengths, they can show up authentically in the workplace, in school, in life. No apologies…no need to compete with others…Just YOU knowing what you do best and focusing on doing that—in every situation. It’s freeing and inspires you to do & BE more than you ever dreamed you could!

Your PRESENCE in life is what matters. It’s a mixture of confidence, competence, and communication. Knowing who you really are, what you do well, and how you speak are all learnable skills that can have a huge impact on your personal relationships and sense of well-being.

Explore the tools and coaching opportunities available on this website. There is no better time than NOW to get started!

tracy-smith“As a ‘seasoned’ veteran principal and former athletic coach, I was very skeptical at the thought that I was enrolling in a ‘coaching’ course! Now after mentoring with Marceta, I wonder why in the world didn’t I do this at the start of my career? Marceta’s approach in presenting materials and her questioning skills make the learner really evaluate where they are and where they could be and would like to be.”

Tracy Smith, Principal
West Bourbon Elementary K-6
Uniontown USD #235
Uniontown, Kansas

John Almeida-80-100“I found a renewed joy in my work and my day to day interactions as Marceta helped me really understand and focus on the vision of why I was working, what I wanted to accomplish, and how I wanted to be perceived. Marceta’s guidance really helped me understand how I can bring out the best in those around me, as well as myself.”

John Almeida
Newsome Development
Kansas City, Kansas

COACHING CONVERSATIONS: Transforming Your School One Conversation At a Time

Coaching Conversations_ThumbnailLinda Gross Cheliotes,
Marceta Reilly

Learn to use coaching conversations to engage staff in their work in ways that energize and inspire them.

Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations

Opening the Door_ThumbnailLinda Gross Cheliotes
Marceta Reilly

This companion and follow-up to Coaching Conversations brings the coach-approach to leadership to life with stories of real people using coaching skills to empower their staff.

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