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Are you wondering why your staff sometimes resists your leadership? Or why it is sometimes so hard to motivate people. Or maybe you feel like your ideas and opinions don’t matter to others with whom you work. If so, have I got the books for you!

What I have learned is that when you know yourself well, lean into your strengths, and focus on building the capacities of others, you grow your presence at work, at play, and in relationships.

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Coaching Conversations

An effective, inexpensive approach for facilitating transformation through the entire school community!

Being a successful school leader has become an increasingly complex role that demands highly developed interpersonal skills. Now this easy-to-use handbook shows school leaders the practical coaching-conversation techniques they need to engage and motivate their school communities to work collaboratively toward total school transformation.

Different from supervisory and mentoring conversations, coaching conversations shift responsibility for instructional improvement from the school leader to every member of the school community. In this example-packed guide, the authors use current research and their own extensive experience to help school leaders:

  • Develop open and reflective conversations with all staff members
  • Build skills for motivating staff
  • Adopt new habits for working with teachers, staff, and students
  • Utilize the power of committed listening, intentional conversations, and non-judgmental feedback
  • Create positive changes in how people think and interact

With this powerful approach, every member of the school community participates in the transformation of the school and shares in the celebration of successful changes!

Available at Amazon and Corwin.

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Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations

What does coach leadership look like in action?

A leader doesn’t have to solve every problem personally to be effective. In fact, helping others learn to resolve issues and implement their own solutions is the key to sustainable leadership and an empowered staff. This companion and follow-up book to Coaching Conversations brings the coaching style of leadership to life with stories from the experienced coaches on the Results Coaching team. Featuring examples of real people facing real problems who use coaching skills with great success, each chapter deals with a challenging leadership area and includes space for personal reflection, questions, and next steps. Topics include

  • Core values
  • Building trust and community
  • High expectations
  • School turnaround
  • Garnering genuine buy-in
  • Difficult conversations
  • Accountability
  • Balancing personal and professional commitments

As you focus on developing those around you, you earn the trust and loyalty of your team. This book’s examples demonstrate that coach leadership is not only possible, it is the smartest way to lead in the 21st century!

Available at Amazon and Corwin.