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Free Tools

What is better than “Free”! Here are some FREE Tools for you to use to begin your own self-discovery journey. I use them often with my coaching clients. There are simple assessments, reflection forms, and templates to guide your thinking about what you really value and how you want to “show up” in your life, your work, and in your relationships. All are copyrighted by me or the people who have inspired me in my work. And I ask that you respect the copyright code to only use them for yourself and ask permission of me before you share any of them with others. Contact me at

These simple tools are even more powerful if you partner with me as your coach. So if you decide to really make progress with a trusted confidante who will push your thinking and exploration even further, check out my coaching options under the SERVICES tab.


Personal Life History
Tell about the key people, places, and events that have shaped you in each decade of your life. Then answer a few questions to gain insight about how you have become the person you are now.


Values Exercise
Determine your core values by doing this Values Exercise.


Develop your Life Purpose
Create a succinct statement about what your strengths are and how they contribute to the world.


Four Pillars worksheet
What are the four “pillars” that you believe create great leadership?
Unpack each of them so that you begin to know and deeply understand the behaviors and attitudes you want to emulate.


Immunity to Change Process
Chart the competing commitments that are keeping you from making changes you want to make.